A hundred years ago it escaped.

Temper Mountain. Innocuous. Beautiful. Serene. The grand mountain was on splendor and admiration. But one hundred years ago something changed. Something escaped. And the village of Temperglade was changed forever. No mind could contain any knowledge of its form or nature. It was not normal. They dream of it still, crying out in the night, but they cannot name it. The land bears the scars of the atrocity that defiled it. Temper Chasm lies like a gaping wound where the ancient evil tore its way free from its prison. The burned Everglade Forest, now the Charwood, marks the creature’s path away from the chasm before it disappeared into the space between worlds. The Depravation that once more has begun to emanate from the chasm – a corruption that warps all life, twisting it into a mockery of nature – reveals the lingering taint of the creature’s presence. Perhaps it foretells the horror’s return to the county of Niefendell

The Depravation of Lone Tree

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