The Depravation of Lone Tree

The Depravation of Lone Tree Adventure Blog
*The story so far...*

A strange glimpse of the past shows four strangers escaping the shackles of a gruff slave owner as they are attacked by strange, twisted beings. The battle ends with a great roar followed by a fiery beast exploding out of Temper Mountain.

The PCs, Akmenos, Arnis, Rhamis, and Vashaan were preparing to embark on their rites of passage near Temper Chasm that are tradition of those who are coming of age in Lone Tree. The elder soon asked them if they would perform a ritual inside the chasm, as she had heard that ancient inhabitants of the mountain had done this to keep the Depravation at bay. They also got word that there was a man who had disappeared down in the chasm, and if they could find out something about that, it’d be much appreciated.

Unsure and wary of what lay in front of them, they reluctantly proceeded into the depths of Temper Chasm, and encountered Depraved kobolds at many corners, but proved victorious time and time again. They were told to look for an altar to complete the ritual on, and as they looked for it, they found a room with a proclamation on it declaring Abraxas’ sentence of 1,001 years of imprisonment, which was marked by a strange lightning/fist symbol. Soon they found the altar with the disappeared man, Ebol. A valiant battle ensued, and the PCs managed to slay all the kobolds and rescue Ebol, though the capture had taken its toll on him.

The PCs experience their second glimpse, as they same four strangers, now more agile and battle-hardy take on a group of orcs and defeat them, and hear that to find out more they must “seek the gatekeeper.”

Confused by just what these glimpses are, the PCs decided to search for the gatekeeper which they tracked to Circean Overlook. They found a strange tower and managed to enter it despite its bizarre riddle, and wound up having to traverse five strange rooms. In the last one they met a group of adventurers who they discovered were part of the Aurorean Fist, but had to leave them to continue progressing through the rooms. Next they found an orc named Klag who helped them obtain two swords which they required to open a final door which housed the gatekeeper.

A battle ensued, which the gatekeeper merely watched, and soon they confronted the gatekeeper, who informed them that he wishes to help them in their quest to subdue the Depravation. His motives were unclear, but he instructed them to go to Ilsintir and find the Aurorean Fist headquarters, as well as to simply become stronger, for the tests and trial in their noble quests would surely get harder from here on.

With this they cautiously left, with Klag in tow, and as they got back to Lone Tree, they found out that Ebol, whom they had previously rescued, had snapped from the Depravation and killed his wife and some townsfolk and was holed up in one the outlying farms. The PCs quickly rode off there and slayed Ebol without anymore people dying.

Now what is known is that the road to Ilsintir stands on their horizon, but what strife and struggle await them lies mysteriously in the shadows…


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