Lone Tree

Lone Tree, formerly Temperglade, is a small settlement surrounded by the Charwood. Since Abraxas’s escape, which burned most of the Everglade Forest, it was renamed Lone Tree for a single tree that managed to withstand the fire and evil. Lone Tree draws people from the surrounding area to its sheltering walls, offering what little promise of safety might come from its numbers.

Lone Tree serves as a hub of some sorts, with roads leading north to Ilsintir, southeast to Lakeside Harbour, southwest to Circean Overlook, and Harrows Pass to the east.

Lone Tree is part of the county of Niefendell (which is where this campaign takes place… so far).

Town Features

Lone Tree Common House: Owned by Dindin (male halfling) it is both a tavern and a place for the villagers to gather for meetings.

The Temple: There is only one temple in town, but it holds the altar’s of four separate deities. Bahamut’s altar holds the central place, and largest. Next largest is Pelor, followed by Moradin and Kord occupying relatively small places of worship.

Moonsword Trading House: A merchant consortium basesd in the nearby city of Ilsintir; an excellent source for exotic goods, though they do have to be shipped in.

Brindinford Shipping: Another merchant house based in Lakeside Harbour. Not as much selection as Moonsword, but still full of useful items.

People in Town

Eldest Elberith Windgazer (female elf), the village’s oldest resident, is the official leader of the town of Lone Tree and holds executive decision in town.

Menace Catarth (male dragonborn) is the aging priest of Bahamut.

Marora Hawklight (female human), the young, idealistic priest of Pelor.

Beldak (male human), the village blacksmith and priest of Moradin.

Nylia (female half-elf), a merchant for Brindinford, and a priest of Kord.

Olokas Soulax (male dwarf), the local Moonsword agent. The richest man in town, rarely seen without his two dragonborn bodyguards.

Lone Tree

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