Temper Chasm

Temper Chasm is the name of the hole in the base of Temper Mountain that was created by the escape of Abraxas. It is unnatural and is a source of the Depravation. Though the effects were invisible for a while, recently they have begun to change things around it, so Temper Chasm is now a very dangerous place.

Temper Chasm is the only known entrance to the dungeons which housed a mysterious people who lived their thousands of years ago. They were a religious people who used rituals to aid them in times of need, and had a ritual for suppressing the Depravation.

Temper Chasm lies near the outskirts of Lone Tree, of the county Niefendell.

Phinalea flowers are a common sight near the base of Temper Mountain, but have ceased to grow outside the chasm.

Temper Chasm

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